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Quantum Sensing as a Technology

Quantum sensors exploit our ability to control atoms and subatomic particles at will, and even place them within a particular quantum state, which is likewise extremely sensitive to minimal disturbances in the environment. They offer both unique sensitivity and accuracy and are about to revolutionize detection in several fields: Medicine, civil engineering, telecommunications, natural resources management as well as fundamental physics. Application of these sensors covers motion (including acceleration, rotation, and gravity) electric and magnetic fields, and imaging. They can provide very accurate measurements across many frequencies, have no drift, or need to calibrate and rely on advanced quantum techniques, such as squeezing or entanglement to improve sensitivity or precision. Still large in size, complicated, and extremely experimental, these sensors are becoming a major pillar of quantum technologies. This special collection presents recent progress of this technology, shows how the next generations will shrink, integrate, and improve their performance to expand their range of applications.

Organizing Editor: Philippe Bouyer

Special Collection Image
Sven Abend; Baptiste Allard; Aidan S. Arnold; Ticijana Ban; Liam Barry; Baptiste Battelier; Ahmad Bawamia; Quentin Beaufils; Simon Bernon; Andrea Bertoldi; Alexis Bonnin; Philippe Bouyer; Alexandre Bresson; Oliver S. Burrow; Benjamin Canuel; Bruno Desruelle; Giannis Drougakis; René Forsberg; Naceur Gaaloul; Alexandre Gauguet; Matthias Gersemann; Paul F. Griffin; Hendrik Heine; Victoria A. Henderson; Waldemar Herr; Simon Kanthak; Markus Krutzik; Maike D. Lachmann; Roland Lammegger; Werner Magnes; Gaetano Mileti; Morgan W. Mitchell; Sergio Mottini; Dimitris Papazoglou; Franck Pereira dos Santos; Achim Peters; Ernst Rasel; Erling Riis; Christian Schubert; Stephan Tobias Seidel; Guglielmo M. Tino; Mathias Van Den Bossche; Wolf von Klitzing; Andreas Wicht; Marcin Witkowski; Nassim Zahzam; Michał Zawada
Luca Troise; Nikolaj Winther Hansen; Christoffer Olsson; James Luke Webb; Leo Tomasevic; Jocelyn Achard; Ovidiu Brinza; Robert Staacke; Michael Kieschnick; Jan Meijer; Axel Thielscher; Hartwig Roman Siebner; Kirstine Berg-Sørensen; Jean-François Perrier; Alexander Huck; Ulrik Lund Andersen
F. E. Oon; Rainer Dumke
S. C. Scholten; I. O. Robertson; G. J. Abrahams; Priya Singh; A. J. Healey; J.-P. Tetienne
Nikunjkumar Prajapati; Andrew P. Rotunno; Samuel Berweger; Matthew T. Simons; Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse; Stephen D. Voran; Christopher L. Holloway
Lucas H. Ehinger; Bishnu P. Acharya; Daniel S. Barker; James A. Fedchak; Julia Scherschligt; Eite Tiesinga; Stephen Eckel
Roman Shugayev; Ping Lu; Yuhua Duan; Michael Buric
Christopher L. Holloway; Nikunjkumar Prajapati; Jeffery A. Sherman; Alain Rüfenacht; Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse; Matthew T. Simons; Amy K. Robinson; David S. La Mantia; Eric B. Norrgard
Alexander M. Phillips; Michael J. Wright; Isabelle Riou; Stephen Maddox; Simon Maskell; Jason F. Ralph
C. Teale; J. Sherman; J. Kitching
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