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Quantum Sensing and Metrology: From Industrial Implementations for Market to Their Applications in Fundamental Science

This Special Collection aims to reveal the wide scope of cutting-edge applications in quantum metrology and sensing. While sensing beyond the surface of biological systems promise a revolution in detection and diagnosis in healthcare, detecting underground has applications in civil engineering and resource extraction including oil and gas. Quantum sensors not only have important commercial applications, they also promise to deepen our understanding of nature. New sensors might provide answers to fundamental questions at regimes where our understanding of physics is limited by the lack of experimental data. Scientific applications span from the microscopic world including the detection of fundamental particles such as Higgs and neutrinos to applications at cosmological scales where the search of dark energy, fifth forces and dark matter might find its first findings.

Guest Editor: Ivette Fuentes

Special Collection Image
Hua Guan; Baolin Zhang; Huaqing Zhang; Yao Huang; Yanmei Hao; Mengyan Zeng; Kelin Gao
I. A. Burenkov; M. V. Jabir; S. V. Polyakov
Ali Motazedifard; A. Dalafi; M. H. Naderi
Richard J. Birrittella; Paul M. Alsing; Christopher C. Gerry
Kai-Mei C. Fu; Geoffrey Z. Iwata; Arne Wickenbrock; Dmitry Budker
Emanuele Polino; Mauro Valeri; Nicolò Spagnolo; Fabio Sciarrino
Remi Geiger; Arnaud Landragin; Sébastien Merlet; Franck Pereira Dos Santos
Jasminder S. Sidhu; Pieter Kok
Carlos L. Garrido Alzar
Kok Chuan Tan; Hyunseok Jeong
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