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Quantum Networks: Past, Present and Future

Once a pipedream, the mooted global Quantum Network is ever closer to reality, having matured from theoretical concepts that struggled for acceptance to secure inter-continental links via satellite today. The race to emerge with the core technology is seeing investments into quantum networks and associated science and technology reaching unprecedented levels. In this Special Topic Collection, we wish to gather original research, industry perspectives and reviews that give a past, present and future perspective on the topic, with particular emphasis on the developments in addressing core questions, such as: "How Fast?" (what is the state-of-the-art in bit rate and what scope is there for improvement?), "How Far?" (what is the reach, and what dictates it, in optical fiber, free-space and terrestrial links?), and "How Integrated?" (can our quantum solutions work along-side classical technologies?).

Organizing Editor: Andrew Forbes

Special Collection Image
Sumeet Khatri
Jian Wang; Qianke Wang; Jun Liu; Dawei Lyu
Andrew Forbes
W. J. Munro; Nicolo' Lo Piparo; Josephine Dias; Michael Hanks; Kae Nemoto
U-Shin Kim; Yong Sup Ihn; Chung-Hyun Lee; Yoon-Ho Kim
Nijil Lal; Sarika Mishra; R. P. Singh
Vyacheslav Semenenko; Xuedong Hu; Eden Figueroa; Vasili Perebeinos
Vimlesh Kumar; Varun Sharma; Sandeep Singh; S. Chaitanya Kumar; Andrew Forbes; M. Ebrahim-Zadeh; G. K. Samanta
Mujtaba Zahidy; Hamid Tebyanian; Daniele Cozzolino; Yaoxin Liu; Yunhong Ding; Toshio Morioka; Leif K. Oxenløwe; Davide Bacco
Stephen F. Bush; William A. Challener; Guillaume Mantelet
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