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Quantum Materials and Devices

Material advancement and understanding is foundational to the understanding and advancement of technologies, including quantum technology. While current quantum technology is based on well-developed materials such as "conventional" superconductors, the past several decades have witnessed the emergence of many new classes of "quantum materials" featuring more exotic quantum properties. They bring intriguing promises for better performing quantum technological applications. This Special Topic, organized by Yong Chen and Philippe Bouyer, will review theoretical and experimental progresses made to study quantum materials such as topological quantum materials, 2D systems, correlated materials, and more. It will address questions such as how to utilize and harness their properties, how to better understand and characterize them or how they combine with "conventional" materials for new quantum technology concepts.

Guest Editor: Yong P. Chen

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Philip Hofmann
Hai-Ping Cheng; Shuanglong Liu; Xiao Chen; Long Zhang; James N. Fry
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