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Quantum Acoustics

Acoustics and nanomechanical systems have recently emerged as a promising platform for quantum information science and technology. These systems, exploiting the interaction between matter and sound, now reach the quantum regime and can be controlled at the single phonon level via their interaction with solid-state qubits. They also appear as a possible strategy to detect, manipulate and couple distant qubits. These progresses have opened the possibility to implement advanced quantum information tasks, ranging from quantum memories and transducers to the transport of quantum information mediated by propagating phonons. In this Special Topic, organized by Isabelle Robert-Philip, the journal will identify and support review articles that present the current state of the art in quantum acoustics and original research that advances this field. This includes the manipulation of qubits by acoustic waves and vice-versa, the implementation of hybrid systems interfacing phonons and solid-state or photonic qubits, the quantum regime of acoustic modes, and more.

Guest Editors:
Daniel Lanzillotti-Kimura, University of Paris-Saclay, FR
Pierre Verlot, University of Nottingham, UK

Special Collection Image
M. Croquette; S. Deléglise; T. Kawasaki; K. Komori; M. Kuribayashi; A. Lartaux-Vollard; N. Matsumoto; Y. Michimura; M. Andia; N. Aritomi; R. Braive; T. Briant; S. Briaudeau; S. B. Cataño-Lopez; S. Chua; J. Degallaix; M. Fujimoto; K. Gerashchenko; F. Glotin; P. Gruning; K. Harada; A. Heidmann; D. Hofman; P.-E. Jacquet; T. Jacqmin; O. Kozlova; N. Leroy; V. Loriette; F. Loubar; T. Martel; R. Metzdorff; C. Michel; A. Mikami; L. Najera; L. Neuhaus; S. Otabe; L. Pinard; K. Suzuki; H. Takahashi; K. Takeda; Y. Tominaga; A. van de Walle; N. Yamamoto; K. Somiya; P.-F. Cohadon
Mingyun Yuan; Klaus Biermann; Paulo V. Santos
François Rivière; Timothée de Guillebon; Léo Maumet; Gabriel Hétet; Martin Schmidt; Jean-Sébastien Lauret; Loïc Rondin
E. Collin
Anne Louchet-Chauvet; Thierry Chanelière
Thilo Hahn; Daniel Groll; Hubert J. Krenner; Tilmann Kuhn; Paweł Machnikowski; Daniel Wigger
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