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Quantum Photonics

Quantum photonics offers great advantages for the implementation of quantum communication, distributed quantum computing networks, and other information processing tasks. The quantum features of light are readily accessible and can be manipulated with great precision. For these reasons, many quantum technologies are expected to make use of optical information carriers. The question is how best to create, process, store, and detect quantum states of light. In this Special Topic, organized by Pieter Kok and Philippe Bouyer, AVS Quantum Science will identify and support review articles that present the current state of the art in quantum photonics, including quantum dots as photon sources, integrated photonic circuits, detector technology, and more.

Guest Editor: Pieter Kok

Special Collection Image
Aaron Z. Goldberg; Andrei B. Klimov; Markus Grassl; Gerd Leuchs; Luis L. Sánchez-Soto
Galan Moody; Lin Chang; Trevor J. Steiner; John E. Bowers
S. Signorini; L. Pavesi
Junyi Lee; Victor Leong; Dmitry Kalashnikov; Jibo Dai; Alagappan Gandhi; Leonid A. Krivitsky
Phila Rembold; Nimba Oshnik; Matthias M. Müller; Simone Montangero; Tommaso Calarco; Elke Neu
Andrew Forbes; Isaac Nape
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