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New Carbon Materials

Carbon is an element that shows rich allotropy due to its ability to adopt different types of orbital hybridization. Research in carbon materials continues to witness important discoveries each year, all of which have been highly relevant to both science and technology. The interest and widespread applications of carbon materials are mainly owed to their unique combination of electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. There have been a number of important breakthroughs in the discovery of new forms of carbon, including fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, graphdiyne, superhard amorphous carbon, and etc. Progress in this field is expected to significantly impact current challenges such as achieving carbon neutrality, renewable energy, opto/electronic devices, and electromagnetic shielding.

Guest Editors: Wencai Ren, with APR Editor Fengxia Geng.

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Jianghua Li; Ying Liu; Jingbo Bai; Chengwu Xie; Hongkuan Yuan; Zhenxiang Cheng; Wenhong Wang; Xiaotian Wang; Gang Zhang
Yanfeng Ge; Kun Luo; Yong Liu; Guochun Yang; Pan Ying; Yingju Wu; Ke Tong; Bing Liu; Baozhong Li; Guoying Gao; Xiang-Feng Zhou; Zhisheng Zhao; Bo Xu; Yongjun Tian
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