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Phononic Crystals at Various Frequencies

Over the past three decades, phononic crystals have attracted scientific interest by demonstrating a variety of unique manipulations of sound and elastic wave propagation, through control of wave dispersion by Bragg scattering. The high freedom in the choice of materials and designs of phononic crystal systems and the wide available frequency range provide researchers with a vast playground in physics and applications. The field started with studies in the sonic and the ultrasonic frequency range, with applications in acoustic metamaterials, sound shielding, sound absorption, medical imaging, micro-electro-mechanical systems, surface acoustic waves, acousto-optics, and optomechanics. Concepts have then been extended to nonlinear physics and non-reciprocal acoustics. Recently, the downsizing of phononic crystals has broadened the research area toward higher frequencies and has enabled the manipulation of heat conduction in solids. The new concept of thermocrystal opens a new possibility of the phononic crystal assisted by material science and nanofabrication technology. Following fundamental advances in topological insulators made in solid state physics, topological phononics now promotes protection against radiation loss and spurious scattering. This special topic aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the most recent advances in research and applications of phononic crystals at various frequencies, from sound to heat.

Guest Editors: Masahiro Nomura, Vincent Laude, and Martin Maldovan

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Antonin M. Massoud; Valeria Lacatena; Maciej Haras; Emmanuel Dubois; Stéphane Monfray; Jean-Marie Bluet; Pierre-Olivier Chapuis; Jean-François Robillard
Masahiro Nomura; Vincent Laude; Martin Maldovan
Masaki Fujikane (藤金正樹); Kouhei Takahashi (高橋宏平); Naoki Tambo (反保尚基); Takashi Kozaki (神前隆); Shijo Nagao (長尾至成)
V. Romero-García; É. Chéron; S. Kuznetsova; J.-P. Groby; S. Félix; V. Pagneux; L. M. Garcia-Raffi
Yangyu Guo; Marc Bescond; Zhongwei Zhang; Shiyun Xiong; Kazuhiko Hirakawa; Masahiro Nomura; Sebastian Volz
Samuli Heiskanen; Tuomas A. Puurtinen; Ilari J. Maasilta
Marc Martí-Sabaté; Dani Torrent
V. Laude
Yan-Feng Wang; Li Yang; Ting-Ting Wang; A-Li Chen; Vincent Laude; Yue-Sheng Wang
N. Mori; A. Komada; G. Mil’nikov
H. Luo; Y. Ren; A. Gravouil; V. M. Giordano; Q. Zhou; H. Wang; A. Tanguy
Zhongwei Zhang; Yangyu Guo; Marc Bescond; Jie Chen; Masahiro Nomura; Sebastian Volz
Roman Anufriev; Jeremie Maire; Masahiro Nomura
Sandeep Kumar S R; Krishnadas V K; Krishnan Balasubramaniam; Prabhu Rajagopal
Mansour Zaremanesh; Laurent Carpentier; Hamed Gharibi; Ali Bahrami; Ahmed Mehaney; Abdellatif Gueddida; Ralf Lucklum; Bahram Djafari-Rouhani; Yan Pennec
Wan Wang; Julio Iglesias; Yabin Jin; Bahram Djafari-Rouhani; Abdelkrim Khelif
Yueting Wang; Jian Li; Yuxin Fu; Ronghao Bao; Weiqiu Chen; Yue-Sheng Wang
Pengfei Jiang; Yulou Ouyang; Weijun Ren; Cuiqian Yu; Jia He; Jie Chen
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