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Scalable Ways to Break the Efficiency Limit of Single-Junction Solar Cells

Traditional silicon solar cells reach their efficiency limit, yet the massive upscaling of photovoltaics required to provide a significant contribution of solar power to the primary energy demand requires a further increase in the efficiency. The future of solar energy hinges on the development of scalable ways to overcome the efficiency limit for single-junction solar cells. In this special topic we collect leading research on ways to go beyond the current efficiency limits, with techniques that are (potentially) scalable, which means they lend themselves to cheap and easy processing, large-scale employment (km2), and have the potential for long-term stability. We will consider technologies that have the potential to be employed in the next few years (e.g. tandem solar cells) and also beyond that with techniques that are potentially even more powerful, yet further away from implementation (e.g. up- and downconversion). We welcome experimental contributions as well as modelling.

Guest Editors: Bruno Ehrler, Anita Ho-Baillie, Eline Hutter, Jovana Milic, Murad Tayebjee, and Mark Wilson

Special Collection Image
Bruno Ehrler; Anita W. Y. Ho-Baillie; Eline M. Hutter; Jovana V. Milić; Murad J. Y. Tayebjee; Mark W. B. Wilson
Christina Kamaraki; Matthew T. Klug; Thomas Green; Laura Miranda Perez; Christopher Case
Arthur Ishteev; Lev Luchnikov; Dmitry S. Muratov; Marina Voronova; Aaron Forde; Talgat Inerbaev; Vladislav Vanyushin; Danila Saranin; Khabib Yusupov; Denis Kuznetsov; Aldo Di Carlo
Mehmet Koc; Mohsen Ameri; Selcuk Yerci
Jeffrey C. F. Cheung; Loren G. Kaake
Pierpaolo Spinelli; Rosinda Fuentes Pineda; Mateusz Scigaj; Taimoor Ahmad; Konrad Wojciechowski
Fatima Akhundova; Larry Lüer; Andres Osvet; Jens Hauch; Ian Marius Peters; Karen Forberich; Ning Li; Christoph Brabec
Hamidreza Esmaielpour; Brandon K. Durant; Kyle R. Dorman; Vincent R. Whiteside; Jivtesh Garg; Tetsuya D. Mishima; Michael B. Santos; Ian R. Sellers; Jean-François Guillemoles; Daniel Suchet
Dipak Raj Khanal; Evan Lafalce; Z. Valy Vardeny
Zachary A. VanOrman; Jens Lackner; Sarah Wieghold; Karin Nienhaus; G. Ulrich Nienhaus; Lea Nienhaus
Riley C. Whitehead; Kaitlyn T. VanSant; Emily L. Warren; Jeronimo Buencuerpo; Michael Rienäcker; Robby Peibst; John F. Geisz; Adele C. Tamboli
Andreas Pusch; Stephen P. Bremner; Murad J. Y. Tayebjee; Nicholas J. Ekins Daukes
Dan Huang; Lijie Ding; Yang Xue; Jin Guo; Yu-Jun Zhao; Clas Persson
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