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Metastructures: From Physics to Application

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in realizing artificial metasurfaces and metamaterials that provide novel and on-demand physical properties. Such metastructures can be designed on a variety of physical platforms to enhance or modify the interaction with wave species, including electromagnetic, acoustic, mechanical, spin and matter waves. These developments have engaged distinct but related communities, not only by introducing new wave physics phenomena arising from intriguing properties of such artificial structures, but also by a wide range of new potential applications. This research field is at a historical juncture as it has become the necessary platform to study and emulate novel concepts introduced through other disciplines- for example, quantum field theory and topological physics. We find it a timely opportunity for the community to bring together recent scientific and technology based discoveries in this Special Issue Collection on the physics and applications of wave interaction with metastructures.

Guest Editors: Filippo Capolino and Mercedeh Khajavikhan

Special Collection Image
Joshua K. Asane; Md G. R. Chowdhury; Kanij M. Khabir; Viktor A. Podolskiy; Mikhail A. Noginov
Kasra Rouhi; Robert Marosi; Tarek Mealy; Ahmed F. Abdelshafy; Alexander Figotin; Filippo Capolino
Yuma Kawaguchi; Mengyao Li; Kai Chen; Vinod Menon; Andrea Alù; Alexander B. Khanikaev
Karapet Manukyan; M. Zahirul Alam; Cong Liu; Kai Pang; Hao Song; Zhe Zhao; Moshe Tur; Robert W. Boyd; Alan E. Willner
C. Yepes; M. Faenzi; S. Maci; E. Martini
Ahmed F. Abdelshafy; Tarek Mealy; Ehsan Hafezi; Alireza Nikzamir; Filippo Capolino
Alexia Moreno-Peñarrubia; Jorge Teniente; Sergei Kuznetsov; Bakhtiyar Orazbayev; Miguel Beruete
Julián D. Ortiz; Juan D. Baena; Ricardo Marqués; Amarachukwu N. Enemuo; Jonah Gollub; Roman Akhmechet; Boyan Penkov; Chris Sarantos; David T. Crouse
Polina P. Vabishchevich; Aleksandr Vaskin; Nicholas Karl; John L. Reno; Michael B. Sinclair; Isabelle Staude; Igal Brener
Zichong Yue; Danwei Liao; Zhiwang Zhang; Wei Xiong; Ying Cheng; Xiaojun Liu
D. Khmelevskaia; D. I. Markina; V. V. Fedorov; G. A. Ermolaev; A. V. Arsenin; V. S. Volkov; A. S. Goltaev; Yu. M. Zadiranov; I. A. Tzibizov; A. P. Pushkarev; A. K. Samusev; A. A. Shcherbakov; P. A. Belov; I. S. Mukhin; S. V. Makarov
S. Guenneau; B. Lombard; C. Bellis
Johan Lundgren; Mats Gustafsson; Daniel Sjöberg; Martin Nilsson
Marco Faenzi; David González-Ovejero; Stefano Maci
Huy Nguyen; Qian Wu; Jiaji Chen; Yukai Yu; Hui Chen; Sharon Tracy; Guoliang Huang
J.-B. Gros; G. Lerosey; F. Mortessagne; U. Kuhl; O. Legrand
S. A. Kuznetsov; V. A. Lenets; M. A. Tumashov; A. D. Sayanskiy; P. A. Lazorskiy; P. A. Belov; J. D. Baena; S. B. Glybovski
Matheus I. N. Rosa; Yuning Guo; Massimo Ruzzene
Oshri Rabinovich; Ariel Epstein
Robert J. Davis; Dia'aaldin J. Bisharat; Daniel F. Sievenpiper
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