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Critical Issues on the 2D-material-based field-effect transistors

The Si complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology has followed the Moore's Law to scale the size and thickness of active channels, but it becomes very challenging when Si approaches the physical limit. The ultimate channel thickness for a field-effect transistor (FET) would be in the sub-1 nm range, which is not readily accessible for any three-dimensional (3D) semiconductors. The semiconducting 2D materials with an ultra-thin body and smooth surfaces have great potential and are being seriously investigated as post-Si electronic materials. Field-effect transistors based on two-dimensional (2D) materials have been studied for many years and have shown the potential to serve future large-scale integration (VLSI) technologies. However, it remains to be determined whether 2D materials can be used in the front end to replace or parallel the Si channel. Meanwhile, there is a growing trend to integrate transistors based on 2D materials with silicon devices through monolithic or heterogeneous integration to increase the functionality of existing silicon chips. Meanwhile, applications of 2D transistors in digital and analogue electronics, memory, neuromorphic computing and sensing devices are also considered promising. To help achieve these goals, many significant challenges need to be addressed. In this special issue, we hope to solicit relevant submissions that focus on but are not limited to, the above-mentioned topics, in order to promote the further development of the nominated research field.

Guest Editors: Lain-Jong Li, Qiming Shao, Mario Lanza, Yang Chai, and Taishi Takenobu

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Maria Gabriela Sales; Alexander Mazzoni; Wendy L. Sarney; Asher C. Leff; Justin Pearson; Sina Najmaei; Stephen McDonnell
Bubunu Biswal; Ramesh Rajarapu; Saroj Poudyal; Renu Yadav; Prahalad Kanti Barman; Manasi Mandal; Ravi Prakash Singh; B. R. K. Nanda; Abhishek Misra
Yan Huang; Junfeng Xiao; Ran Tao; Zhi Liu; Yiran Mo; Xinxin Yu; Zhengyi Cao; Yun Wu; Zhonghui Li; Haolin Wang; Lei Wang
Karuppasamy Pandian Soundarapandian; Domenico De Fazio; Francisco Bernal-Texca; Rebecca Hoffmann; Matteo Ceccanti; Sergio L. De Bonis; Sefaattin Tongay; Frank H. L. Koppens
Jiajia Zha; Handa Liu; Huide Wang; Siyuan Li; Haoxin Huang; Yunpeng Xia; Chen Ma; Peng Yang; Zhuomin Zhang; Zhengbao Yang; Ye Chen; Johnny C. Ho; Chaoliang Tan
Mengru Zhang; Guang Zeng; Guangjian Wu; Jinhua Zeng; Yize Sun; Chao Li; Lei Liu; Jianlu Wang; Hong-Liang Lu; Yang Chai; Jingli Wang
Chuanyang Cai; Shiyu Ling; Pengfei Hou
Chuanyang Cai; Jie Peng; Shiyu Ling; Pengfei Hou
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