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Implantable Bioelectronics

Bioelectronics in medicine and specifically electrode technology is both mired in history and considered one of the most exciting areas of advancement for the future of implantable devices. Bioelectronics are being developed to treat a wide variety of sensory, muscular and autonomic disorders. Of particular interest is the interface where devices communicate with excitable tissues. This Special Topic will explore the cutting edge of bioelectronic technologies that are designed to interface with the soft and motile tissues of the body, improving charge transfer and enabling higher electrode counts. Authors are encouraged to not only present materials design and approach for addressing the therapeutic challenge, but also the path to translation in a clinical setting.

Guest Editors: Yael Hanein and Josef Goding

Special Collection Image
Gerwin Dijk; Jolien Pas; Katarina Markovic; Janez Scancar; Rodney Philip O'Connor
Joe G. Troughton; Yaw O. Ansong Snr; Nida Duobaite; Christopher M. Proctor
Abhijith Krishnan; C. S. Deepak; K. S. Narayan
A. Giannotti; S. Lo Vecchio; S. Musco; L. Pollina; F. Vallone; I. Strauss; V. Paggi; F. Bernini; K. Gabisonia; L. Carlucci; C. Lenzi; A. Pirone; E. Giannessi; V. Miragliotta; S. Lacour; G. Del Popolo; S. Moccia; S. Micera
David Yogev; Tomer Goldberg; Amir Arami; Shai Tejman-Yarden; Thomas E. Winkler; Ben M. Maoz
Lukas Matter; Bruce Harland; Brad Raos; Darren Svirskis; Maria Asplund
Reem M. Almasri; François Ladouceur; Damia Mawad; Dorna Esrafilzadeh; Josiah Firth; Torsten Lehmann; Laura A. Poole-Warren; Nigel H. Lovell; Amr Al Abed
Florian Fallegger; Alix Trouillet; Florent-Valéry Coen; Giuseppe Schiavone; Stéphanie P. Lacour
Dong-Hee Kang; Jun-Gyu Choi; Won-June Lee; Dongmi Heo; Sungrok Wang; Sungjun Park; Myung-Han Yoon
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