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Scilight 2024, 091101 (2024)

The variability of the mechanical properties of sustainable biocomposite materials limits their widespread application in industry.

Scilight 2024, 091102 (2024)

Membranes fabricated from biocompatible polymer SU-8 are durable, effective, and simple to manufacture.

Scilight 2024, 091103 (2024)

Machine learning identifies individual cell metabolism from fluorescence lifetime images for informing cancer treatments and immune therapies.

Scilight 2024, 091104 (2024)

Improved organoid models can more accurately replicate the relationships between organs and reveal novel therapeutic targets.

Scilight 2024, 091105 (2024)

Chlorophyll-structured carbon dots achieve high color purity and luminescence for future, non-toxic, biocompatible, and affordable LEDs.

Scilight 2024, 091106 (2024)

Nanotheranostic system is proven to target and kill osteosarcoma cells

Scilight 2024, 091107 (2024)

Examining the principles and methods of detecting micro- and nanoplastics using handheld devices.

Scilight 2024, 091108 (2024)

Polycaprolactone graphene oxide composite enables time-controlled hydrophobicity and can be sterilized with infrared radiation.

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