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Scilight 2024, 071101 (2024)

New 3D model shows restoring certain types of hyaluronic acid can dampen growth of vascular malformations that can lead to fatal brain hemorrhages.

Scilight 2024, 071102 (2024)

A textured surface with varied spacing can minimize biofouling, saving time and money.

Scilight 2024, 071103 (2024)

Developing a more reliable prediction of velocity fields in internal combustion engines.

Scilight 2024, 071104 (2024)

Without a forced gender binary, listeners organize speaker characteristics differently.

Scilight 2024, 071105 (2024)

Improved model can guide development of mixed-use farms with solar panels.

Scilight 2024, 071106 (2024)

Like the rotorcraft that inspire their design, these small craft generate additional lift by flying close to a surface.

Scilight 2024, 071107 (2024)

The key parameters that cause flower-like patterns at fluid-fluid interfaces.

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