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Scilight 2024, 051101 (2024)

Model reduces the “curse of dimensionality” inherent in many brain-related machine learning models.

Scilight 2024, 051102 (2024)

Wind tunnel measurements complemented by numerical simulations can help improve cyclist posture and develop technology capable of reducing drag for competitive cyclists.

Scilight 2024, 051103 (2024)

Exergoeconomic evaluations can optimize the energy efficiency of pyrolysis processes while minimizing economic costs.

Scilight 2024, 051104 (2024)

Babies appear less adept at distinguishing voices of unfamiliar men than those of unfamiliar women.

Scilight 2024, 051105 (2024)

Downstream delays drive dynamic rotational velocity for group followers

Scilight 2024, 051106 (2024)

The device, weighing just a few kilograms, can produce coherent microwave light and could be applied in medical and communications fields.

Scilight 2024, 051107 (2024)

Values that characterize the binding between virus and host may be able to predict transmission rates and inform the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 variants.

Scilight 2024, 051108 (2024)

Understanding the effects of transverse ridges can lead to more efficient ships and underwater turbines.

Scilight 2024, 051109 (2024)

Unique properties exhibited by composite materials could lead to stronger, cheaper, more customizable implants.

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