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Scilight 2024, 151101 (2024)

A multi-layer system featuring supercooled gallium can adjust its stiffness without bulky magnetic or refrigeration equipment.

Scilight 2024, 151102 (2024)

The two fields have much to gain by working together and taking advantage of each other’s recent developments.

Scilight 2024, 151103 (2024)

Instrument can capture atomic-level images of materials in magnetic fields up to 20 T and at sub 2K temperatures.

Scilight 2024, 151104 (2024)

Students make rubber band spiderweb replicas to probe mechanical properties.

Scilight 2024, 151105 (2024)

Bandage made from a honey gel is flexible, adhesive, and easy to remove, promoting wound healing and reducing infection risk.

Scilight 2024, 151106 (2024)

Using a terawatt laser with a kHz pulse rate, electrons can be accelerated to high relativistic speeds over sub-millimeter distance.

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