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Scilight 2023, 061101 (2023)

Artificial intelligence takes a step forward in reconfigurable, 2D ferroelectric devices.

Scilight 2023, 061102 (2023)

Aeroelastic system employs two degrees of freedom to draw power at both high and low wind speeds.

Scilight 2023, 061103 (2023)

A model typically applied to non-living materials could improve our understanding of organisms.

Scilight 2023, 061104 (2023)

Constriction of a channel dominates fluid flow and the salt finger, double-diffusive instability.

Scilight 2023, 061105 (2023)

Changing the shape of uncured ultraviolet resin droplets allows simple generation and control of non-diffracting, self-accelerating beams.

Scilight 2023, 061106 (2023)

Composites with suitable space-time microstructures may unlock stable extreme wave phenomena.

Scilight 2023, 061107 (2023)

Density Functional Theory models point to potential for new anode material in next-generation batteries.

Scilight 2023, 061108 (2023)

Framework explains how bubble bursting creates ocean fine spray, which plays an important role in cloud formation.

Scilight 2023, 061109 (2023)

Ultra-precise measurements collected in the Mediterranean show the interplay of convection and shear-induced turbulence in the deep sea.

Scilight 2023, 061110 (2023)

Thin films made from metal-organic frameworks offer unique properties and useful characteristics with low-cost layer-by-layer fabrication.

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