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Scilight 2023, 401101 (2023)

Built upon a laser cooling and atomic gas trapping system, with additional sub-systems, the acceleration of ultracold electron bunches has proven successful without sacrificing quality.

Scilight 2023, 401102 (2023)

Using an intraneural electrode as a sensor could enable more effective closed-loop neuroprosthetic treatments for urinary tract dysfunctions.

Scilight 2023, 401103 (2023)

Lipid nanoparticles have many advantages that make them ideal drug carriers, and manufacturing them can be easier with advanced microfluidic techniques.

Scilight 2023, 401104 (2023)

Shape switching may hold the key to more effective cancer treatments.

Scilight 2023, 401105 (2023)

Aerosol dynamics and flow characteristics are simulated using realistic anatomical models, essential for understanding the spread of many diseases

Scilight 2023, 401106 (2023)

Comparing commercial fusion to other high-tech industries like nuclear fission and aeronautics reveals more needs to be done to create tomorrow’s experts in today’s universities.

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