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Scilight 2023, 341101 (2023)

Using graphene quantum dots as photothermal therapy agents can target cancer cells with less applied irradiation.

Scilight 2023, 341102 (2023)

Small robots with flapping wings have strict weight and power requirements, making this self-powered integrated sensor perfect for returning pitch angle and wing frequency.

Scilight 2023, 341103 (2023)

Multidimensional biomolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, and peptides can provide a scaffold for artificial light-harvesting systems.

Scilight 2023, 341104 (2023)

Rotationally Synchronized Single-pixel Imaging can capture fast-rotating objects at a low frame rate.

Scilight 2023, 341105 (2023)

Adding spirals to acoustic lenses encodes directional information, enabling 3D localization by a single detector.

Scilight 2023, 341106 (2023)

A scaled-down experimental platform acts as a valuable testbed for identifying optimum reaction parameters.

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