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Scilight 2023, 151101 (2023)

Nanocryotrons produce a shift register capable of coupling with compatible photon detectors and withstanding strong magnetic fields.

Scilight 2023, 151102 (2023)

DyFraNet is a physics-inspired simulation for investigating how fractures begin and evolve in materials under stress.

Scilight 2023, 151103 (2023)

Not all types of materials are equally studied, which can lead to bias when using past data to find new options.

Scilight 2023, 151104 (2023)

Study introduces consideration of long-range tropical cyclone interaction with mainland using point spiral vortices modeling on a rotating sphere

Scilight 2023, 151105 (2023)

Numerical models simulate how clouds of fuel-air explosives form and detonate.

Scilight 2023, 151106 (2023)

What can the experiences of the United States, China, Australia, and the United Kingdom tell us about developing renewable energy storage systems?

Scilight 2023, 151107 (2023)

Long considered a bane of solid-state physics, recent advances in nanophononics create unique possibilities for the much-maligned phonon.

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