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Scilight 2022, 511101 (2022)

Machine learning methods provide insight into the nonlinear system of mid-latitude weather.

Scilight 2022, 511102 (2022)

Shedding light on the role of time- and composition-dependent changes in component frictions

Scilight 2022, 511103 (2022)

Second harmonic generation offers unique insights when studying biological membranes.

Scilight 2022, 511104 (2022)

Findings driven by the oscillatory and collective migration patterns of organoid development set benchmark for future dynamical characterizations of organoid behavior in 3D cell aggregates.

Scilight 2022, 511105 (2022)

Next-generation medical implants will need to account for the nonlinear propagation of acoustic signals through biological tissue, which impairs wireless transmission.

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