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Scilight 2022, 461101 (2022)

New measurement setup can gauge noise emissions from drones and more

Scilight 2022, 461102 (2022)

The bubbles facilitate and guide the development of underwater pulsed spark discharges by enhancing the electric field strength in their vicinity.

Scilight 2022, 461103 (2022)

Two thermal property calculation methods provide reference for the selection of combustion chamber parameters during simulations.

Scilight 2022, 461104 (2022)

Introducing vacancies and adding titanium to the transition metal layer suppresses phase changes, enables stable reactions

Scilight 2022, 461105 (2022)

A survey of oxide-based three-terminal artificial synapses for physical neural network applications

Scilight 2022, 461106 (2022)

Simulations distinguish contributions from wind plant blockages and topography heterogeneities.

Scilight 2022, 461107 (2022)

Approach allows for measurements of lower interfacial viscosities than have previously been reported in double-wall ring geometry.

Scilight 2022, 461108 (2022)

When atmospheric conditions are just right, sonic booms from speeding aircraft can be heard. A new study investigates when those conditions are most likely.

Scilight 2022, 461109 (2022)

MetalWalls simulations describe the microscopic structure of battery components with classical mechanics.

Scilight 2022, 461110 (2022)

Computational model of the human stomach could help researchers better understand digestion, treat diseases, and design food.

Scilight 2022, 461111 (2022)

The extra layer reduces defect density and carrier transfer resistance.

Scilight 2022, 461112 (2022)

Green laser-induced graphene can be made from many organic polymers, could reduce waste and lower costs in many fields

Scilight 2022, 461113 (2022)

A carefully applied electric field can keep floating particles from causing defects in semiconductor devices.

Scilight 2022, 461114 (2022)

Scholar hyperdegree distribution can be modeled as a power law distribution.

Scilight 2022, 461115 (2022)

Current methods for quantum-sensing can be adapted to search for dark matter.

Scilight 2022, 461116 (2022)

Sensing technology provides quantitative characterization of blood flow, hydration, perfusion, skin temperature, and thermal transport properties.

Scilight 2022, 461117 (2022)

A specific design of magnetic nanobubbles has shown promise in treating glioblastoma through hyperthermia.

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