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Scilight 2022, 331101 (2022)

Sickle cell disease goes beyond the blood disorder, and examining secondary conditions can lead to better patient outcomes.

Scilight 2022, 331102 (2022)

Intoxicated tonal language speakers retain pitch control, even when speaking a non-tonal language.

Scilight 2022, 331103 (2022)

Nb2CTxMXene integrated few-mode fiber coupler identifies harmful antibiotic, commonly found in agricultural runoff, quickly and easily.

Scilight 2022, 331104 (2022)

Incorporating vacuum gaps in semiconductor devices enables the integration of extremely high electric fields.

Scilight 2022, 331105 (2022)

Examining the second glass transition without pressure-induced ice amorphization via micron-sized water droplets

Scilight 2022, 331106 (2022)

Modified fusion experiment provides an ideal testbed for uncovering hydrogen absorption behavior at extreme densities

Scilight 2022, 331107 (2022)

Reviewing research into and applications of emerging nanomembranes in the “More than Moore” era

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