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Scilight 2022, 241101 (2022)

Storage methods without chemisorption or physisorption offer potential advantages

Scilight 2022, 241102 (2022)

Electron holography provides portal to peer into the electronic hearts of nanodevices, measure their electric fields

Scilight 2022, 241103 (2022)

Non-thermal atmospheric plasmas have the potential to address global environmental challenges.

Scilight 2022, 241104 (2022)

The movement of villi in the small intestine generates a steady streaming flow to transport particles, such as those used to deliver drugs.

Scilight 2022, 241105 (2022)

Deviations in estimating sound attenuation vary with device and quality of fit.

Scilight 2022, 241106 (2022)

Examples of contrast variation in neutron scattering experiments demonstrate the value of the approach in investigating biological samples

Scilight 2022, 241107 (2022)

Co-occurrences with known mechanosensitive genes hint at further role of mechanical factors in gene expression.

Scilight 2022, 241108 (2022)

Solar panels degrade over time, motivating a non-invasive method to identify device faults without impacting the system.

Scilight 2022, 241109 (2022)

Lung geometry based on computerized tomography data may be crucial for avoiding alveolar injuries

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