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Scilight 2022, 201101 (2022)

With a resistivity three to ten orders of magnitude lower than conventional semiconductors at room temperature, the devices could significantly reduce power consumption in electronics.

Scilight 2022, 201102 (2022)

Quantum metrology partners with electron microscopy to increase imaging sensitivity and reduce sample damage.

Scilight 2022, 201103 (2022)

By separating the image’s main lobe from its cumbersome sidelobes, the lens can improve far-field ultrasound resolution

Scilight 2022, 201104 (2022)

Controlling valves to trigger interdiffusion between two liquids and prevent convection enables monitoring of concentration gradient with time.

Scilight 2022, 201105 (2022)

Changes in periodic sound pulses can be analyzed to detect movement in a room.

Scilight 2022, 201106 (2022)

Because marine mammals are sensitive to different sound frequencies, the impact of anthropogenic noise changes by species.

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