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Scilight 2021, 051101 (2021)

Silicon vacancy centers can be used as quantum sensors in hexagonal SiC to measure local temperature in an operating device.

Scilight 2021, 051102 (2021)

Investigators report a device that allows multimodal manipulation of single cells using the forces exerted by two misaligned laser beams.

Scilight 2021, 051103 (2021)

Using COVID-19 viral mimicking particles, researchers determine temperature does not impact the spike protein structure or interaction with lung cells

Scilight 2021, 051104 (2021)

By carefully tuning the growing condition for each individual layer, researchers close the gap between the theoretically predicted value for the tunnel magnetoresistance ratio and the experimental reality.

Scilight 2021, 051105 (2021)

Results indicate that the self-similar agglomerate breakup process depends on a modified Mason number that accounts for both particle and fluid stress contributions.

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