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Scilight 2021, 441101 (2021)

Findings point to new crystal structures not commonly found during synthesis and unique electronic, optical and magnetic properties when materials are under hydrostatic pressure.

Scilight 2021, 441102 (2021)

Computational fluid dynamics show coronavirus particle diffusion will vary within elevator cabins depending on respiratory events, passenger configuration and ventilation systems.

Scilight 2021, 441103 (2021)

Machine-learning technique can infer long-term, stable behaviors from information about only one known attractor.

Scilight 2021, 441104 (2021)

Findings in a mathematical model for cells in the pituitary gland highlight the role of certain potassium channels in electrical activity and hormone release.

Scilight 2021, 441105 (2021)

Technique promises simple, accurate, affordable way to measure film thickness for industrial applications and fluid dynamics research.

Scilight 2021, 441106 (2021)

A stepped, multilayer arrangement enhances the efficiency of photovoltaic panels compared to a single-layer arrangement.

Scilight 2021, 441107 (2021)

Simulations show the role of uniform velocity in reducing shear stress along blood vessel walls, inducing cardiovascular disease.

Scilight 2021, 441108 (2021)

Improvements in neuromorphic computers facilitated by 2D materials could contribute to further developments in artificial intelligence.

Scilight 2021, 441109 (2021)

Systematic experiments demonstrate dynamics that differ from smooth surfaces and are driven by a layer of particles resisting spreading drops.

Scilight 2021, 441110 (2021)

Nickel-ruthenium-nickel antiferromagnetic system exhibits significantly slower current decay than current technologies.

Scilight 2021, 441111 (2021)

Manufacturing ammonia is a critical part of the global economy, requiring the development of renewable processes to replace current expensive and environmentally unfriendly ones.

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