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Scilight 2021, 321101 (2021)

A study of fused silica reveals the controlling factors of material removal in transient and selective laser processing to improve shaping and efficiency.

Scilight 2021, 321102 (2021)

A simplified approach to constructing a static hysteresis loop could improve understanding of magnetic materials.

Scilight 2021, 321103 (2021)

New advances in superconductor vortex physics from using simulations to predict the defect landscape and create optimal superconducting properties to designing advanced microscopy techniques that could image vortex-defect interactions

Scilight 2021, 321104 (2021)

By combining complementary X-ray scattering measurements taken with the very bright free electron laser, carbon can be studied at extreme pressures and temperatures.

Scilight 2021, 321105 (2021)

A profitable approach to enhance welding quality of aluminum alloys while minimizing thermal defects and energy consumption

Scilight 2021, 321106 (2021)

Pixel intensity of secondary electron images can be used to retroactively reshape cell morphology in 3D secondary ion mass spectrometry images.

Scilight 2021, 321107 (2021)

Molecular vibrational polaritons and ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy combine to further studies into synthetic chemistry and quantum technology.

Scilight 2021, 321108 (2021)

Textural changes, boundaries and interfaces can be characterized at extreme conditions with modifications to the light scattering technique.

Scilight 2021, 321109 (2021)

Upgrades to instrumentation resulted in faster measurement times and greater precision for radiometric39Ar dating.

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