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Scilight 2021, 281101 (2021)

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis is a promising pathway to sustainable energy and can be enhanced by applying a temperature gradient to an electrolyzer’s cathodes.

Scilight 2021, 281102 (2021)

Researchers model how the sizes of quantum dots can change their radiative-heat-transfer properties.

Scilight 2021, 281103 (2021)

Previously unknown capabilities of parametric X-ray radiation via van der Waals materials enable control over intense, ultrashort X-ray pulses.

Scilight 2021, 281104 (2021)

Ultrasensitive magnetic tweezers allow for exploration of the fluctuation dynamics among biomolecules.

Scilight 2021, 281105 (2021)

An analysis discerns the effects of shape and torsional spring on hydrodynamic properties of caudal fins with low-order flexibility.

Scilight 2021, 281106 (2021)

Increasingly, researchers are applying machine learning techniques to scattering experiments to extract useful information from noisy, high-dimensional data.

Scilight 2021, 281107 (2021)

Mimicking skin as a dynamic organ, microfluidic-based technology enables cost effective and high throughput testing.

Scilight 2021, 281108 (2021)

Approaches incorporating microvalves look to make microfluidic-based diagnostic devices more accessible for point-of-care users.

Scilight 2021, 281109 (2021)

Data, theory, and analysis reveal signatures of atomic motions in diffuse X-ray scattering, an emerging crystallography signal.

Scilight 2021, 281110 (2021)

An ordinary laboratory X-ray could be used to characterize the molecular motions of a wide variety of biological molecules.

Scilight 2021, 281111 (2021)

A perspective presents the challenges and prospects of taking advantage of these typically unwanted effects for data security, probabilistic computing and neuromorphic computing.

Scilight 2021, 281112 (2021)

The International Association for the Properties of Water & Steam adopted the formulation as an international standard.

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