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Scilight 2021, 231101 (2021)

Creative cropping solutions are needed to slow the propagation of the intrusive and dangerous pathogen Phytophthora.

Scilight 2021, 231102 (2021)

Combining the advanced MB-pol water model with a widely used molecular simulation software allows researchers to better understand how liquid transforms into water vapor and vice versa.

Scilight 2021, 231103 (2021)

The physics of acoustic nonreciprocity – the notion hearing sound does not have to be equal on both sides.

Scilight 2021, 231104 (2021)

Technique extends field of view and improves uniformity while maintaining resolution.

Scilight 2021, 231105 (2021)

Driven in part by applications of microfluidics, understanding how cells respond to physical forces, compress, and how cancer cells metastasize into the bloodstream are expanded.

Scilight 2021, 231106 (2021)

An ultrasonic transducer can initiate and control a temperature increase in a liposome drug-delivery system.

Scilight 2021, 231107 (2021)

Using atomic layer deposition to create high-precision, multilayer, UV-based optical systems to study star formation in galaxies

Scilight 2021, 231108 (2021)

Theory demonstrates compatibility between the two leading models for understanding the formation of key building blocks during the development of embryos.

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