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Scilight 2020, 421101 (2020)

A review summarizes commonly used light-based bioprinting techniques and their underlying interactions between light and cells or polymers.

Scilight 2020, 421102 (2020)

Researchers use surface photovoltage spectroscopy to measure junction properties in gallium nitride nanowire arrays

Scilight 2020, 421103 (2020)

By measuring the touchdown power change, researchers study the spacing loss and extract the angstrom-level protrusion.

Scilight 2020, 421104 (2020)

A review of chip-scale quantum light generation looks at how recent advances have helped propel the development of quantum photonics-based devices.

Scilight 2020, 421105 (2020)

Understanding how C4F7N decomposes is a necessary step for determining its applications to large-scale power equipment.

Scilight 2020, 421106 (2020)

The magnetism is dependent on the crystal structure orientation and the extent of ionization of B-site ions affected by strain.

Scilight 2020, 421107 (2020)

A script detects and correlates electron density changes in a protein from time-resolved crystallography data.

Scilight 2020, 421108 (2020)

A chip makes the electrical contact necessary to probe a 2D electron system without putting dopants, metals or ohmic contacts directly on the silicon host surface, maintaining its purity.

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