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Scilight 2020, 271101 (2020)

Using first principles, researchers show the differing results in the various interlayer combinations of graphene and hexagonal nitride.

Scilight 2020, 271102 (2020)

Researchers review the latest advances in visible-light-driven CO2reduction and offer insight on significant areas of study.

Scilight 2020, 271103 (2020)

A computational framework reveals how the formation of space charge regions controls the conductivity of polycrystalline materials and resultant properties in electronic devices.

Scilight 2020, 271104 (2020)

When it comes to the robustness of urban vegetation to wind, poor risk assessment can lead to detrimental tree failures.

Scilight 2020, 271105 (2020)

Equalizing hydrostatic pressures across a microchannel provides a high-throughput approach for studying the deadly disease and highlights the importance of voltage-gated ion channels.

Scilight 2020, 271106 (2020)

Data enhancement and network-theoretical validation techniques were used to revise a widely utilized 2013 dataset of the rovibrational transitions and empirical energy levels of H216O.

Scilight 2020, 271107 (2020)

The perspective article finds that current models tend to fail in similar ways, implying the need to improve our current force fields for electrolytes in water.

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