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Scilight 2020, 251101 (2020)

A stencil lithography technique for fabricating superconducting qubits results in almost no residual contamination and increased control over device-wafer surface optimization.

Scilight 2020, 251102 (2020)

Scanning tunneling microscopy shows how the organic semiconductor cobalt phthalocyanine adsorbs on dangling bond defects in a silicon-boron system.

Scilight 2020, 251103 (2020)

An almost perfect solar energy absorber is designed using a natural anisotropic material fabricated through electrochemical deposition.

Scilight 2020, 251104 (2020)

Quantum optimal control with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond allows researchers to improve quantum sensing technology.

Scilight 2020, 251105 (2020)

A comparative study on fungi attachment to industrial surfaces identifies optimal protective coatings.

Scilight 2020, 251106 (2020)

Using MoCl4O to grow molybdenum oxides by atomic layer deposition creates opportunities for area-selective processing.

Scilight 2020, 251107 (2020)

Though chaotic dynamics are ubiquitous, they are often unwanted and potentially detrimental, and the ability to terminate them quickly is a necessity.

Scilight 2020, 251108 (2020)

The stratification of water into sheets of different diffusion coefficients when confined in nanochannels has been difficult to observe experimentally.

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