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Scilight 2020, 241101 (2020)

Typical models cannot simulate the forces acting large and non-spherical levitated objects, which restricts advances in potential applications.

Scilight 2020, 241102 (2020)

Laser shocking of a nanocrystalline copper tantalum alloy demonstrates that the material possesses key attributes for the design of advanced protective systems.

Scilight 2020, 241103 (2020)

By optimizing the blazed grating of a digital mirror device, researchers developed a low-cost, multi-color, super-resolution microscope with doubled spatial resolution.

Scilight 2020, 241104 (2020)

Thanks to a method known as topology optimization, gradient-index phononic crystal lenses may have applications such as imaging, energy harvesting and wireless power transfer.

Scilight 2020, 241105 (2020)

A multi-anvil experimental technique can provide very fast cooling of samples, allowing for the study of silicate melts at room temperature.

Scilight 2020, 241106 (2020)

The precise deposition of single gold nanoparticles onto the surface of a bottle microresonator appears to be a simple method to manipulate cavity modes.

Scilight 2020, 241107 (2020)

P-block metals-based electrocatalysts prove promising for applications in CO2reduction, due to its high selectivity and stability.

Scilight 2020, 241108 (2020)

Researchers have developed a way to couple two electron spins over long distances, which could in the future enable more versatile quantum computers.

Scilight 2020, 241109 (2020)

The dynamics is important to a variety of biological phenomena, and transition path sampling provides an alternative path to study the process that is out of reach for all-atom simulations.

Scilight 2020, 241110 (2020)

The freestanding multilayer thin films fabricated by sputtering deposition can withstand more than 20 million cycles.

Scilight 2020, 241111 (2020)

Researchers generate tunable vacuum ultraviolet coherent light sources using dielectric nanomembranes and observe light intensities suitable for spectroscopic applications.

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