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Scilight 2020, 151101 (2020)

RepTate, a free and open-source software for sharing rheological data, has been updated to be compatible across Windows, Mac and Linux.

Scilight 2020, 151102 (2020)

The bonding process, achieved through typical surface cleaning, could set the stage for next-generation high-power electronics.

Scilight 2020, 151103 (2020)

Replacing the standard mercury-cadmium-telluride photodiode with an interband cascade detector brought a fully-integrated, broadband spectrometer one step closer to reality.

Scilight 2020, 151104 (2020)

Researchers explore why viscous liquid dynamics at low temperatures seem to follow a model meant for disordered solids.

Scilight 2020, 151105 (2020)

Versatile apparatus allows researchers to study the release of liquid ammonia solutions in a vacuum using photoelectron spectroscopy.

Scilight 2020, 151106 (2020)

Density functional theory shows that electrical performance in lithiated silicon nanowires remains acceptable even with surface roughness and disorder.

Scilight 2020, 151107 (2020)

Understanding electron interactions with whistler-mode waves can provide insights on radiation belts and space plasma dynamics.

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