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Scilight 2019, 360001 (2019)

As thin as a sheet of paper, new array uses nanofins to achieve performance comparable to traditional spherical lenses when imaging flame from a lighter.

Scilight 2019, 360002 (2019)

The first compressible, wall-resolved large eddy simulation of turbulent flow around a circular cylinder in the critical regime reveals flow features and noise sources.

Scilight 2019, 360003 (2019)

Researchers found feed-forward artificial neural networks are an effective mathematic model for identifying functional connectivity.

Scilight 2019, 360004 (2019)

A new paper formulates and suggests laboratory experiments to confirm mass-energy-information equivalence.

Scilight 2019, 360005 (2019)

Force fields and neural networks point to significance of rotations in a simulated reaction between gaseous dibromobutadiene and maleic anhydride.

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