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Scilight 2019, 330001 (2019)

The use of a new split-ring resonator in relativistic electron streak cameras can improve the amplitude of the deflection field by an order of magnitude and increase temporal resolution.

Scilight 2019, 330002 (2019)

Using time-differential perturbed angular correlation, researchers investigate the hyperfine interactions of titanium dioxide using the ISOLDE facility at CERN.

Scilight 2019, 330003 (2019)

The Vertical Octagonal Noncorrosive Stirred Energetic Turbulence tunnel looks to provide new understanding of bubble and droplet deformation in extremely turbulent environments.

Scilight 2019, 330004 (2019)

Comparing crossflow turbine performance under two control strategies reveals small but measurable differences that could inform future experiments.

Scilight 2019, 330005 (2019)

Researchers have developed an artificial material that converts linear polarization to circular polarization with both spin and orbital angular momenta in microwave beams.

Scilight 2019, 330006 (2019)

A stellarator built by an international team of researchers demonstrate reduced plasma energy losses and optimized fusion confinement performance.

Scilight 2019, 330007 (2019)

Computational simulations of flames propagating through channels and tubes reveal an interesting dependence on Lewis number.

Scilight 2019, 330008 (2019)

A new article presents an ultra-stable, ultra-fast X-ray microscope that will take advantage of the 100-fold increase in photons produced after the upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source.

Scilight 2019, 330009 (2019)

A new paper introduces a novel design for a stretchable-sliding lithium ion battery and characterizes its mechanical and electrochemical properties.

Scilight 2019, 330010 (2019)

Researchers modeled the motion of a rigid sphere in a chaotic fluid and the coupling between the two bodies.

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