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Scilight 2019, 310001 (2019)

The inability of acoustic holograms to independently modulate both phase and amplitude of incident waves is circumvented by multiple phase holograms designed using an iterative Fourier transform algorithm.

Scilight 2019, 310002 (2019)

Nanocalorimetry has successfully measured small-scale, high-speed thermal properties in sub-monolayer films and surface reactions and may be used to study metastable and epitaxial materials in the future.

Scilight 2019, 310003 (2019)

Spectral matching used to define effective coarse-grained models reproducing dynamics of a fine-grained system.

Scilight 2019, 310004 (2019)

Franson interference has been used to demonstrate the nonlocal erasure and correction of an image of a phase object.

Scilight 2019, 310005 (2019)

Rather than directly solving Poisson’s equation, researchers apply variational calculus to calculate space charge limited emission current density for cylindrical and spherical geometries and beyond.

Scilight 2019, 310006 (2019)

Invariant imbedding applied to equations for plasma dynamics helps understand wave motions found in the coronal loops of the sun.

Scilight 2019, 310007 (2019)

Exploiting the flat response of the crystals allows researchers to remove the influence of the laser spectrum for supercontinuum systems.

Scilight 2019, 310008 (2019)

Limitations can be surpassed as deep learning is used to develop nonintrusive methods of modeling fluid flows.

Scilight 2019, 310009 (2019)

A new, scalable, open-source code for simulating gas flow can compute larger-than-ever models using the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method.

Scilight 2019, 310010 (2019)

Researchers have developed and made public a machine learning analysis describing the structure and behavior of different classes of materials.

Scilight 2019, 310011 (2019)

Layering metals in unique patterns reduces the conductance of freestanding silicon nitride membranes, opening new opportunities for improving low temperature sensors.

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