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Scilight 2019, 230001 (2019)

Researchers find liquid-liquid transition, low dielectric constants and low loss contributions in samples of vapor-deposited 2-methyltetrahydrofuran.

Scilight 2019, 230002 (2019)

Hydrodynamic ocean flow differences between exterior, interior safeguard coral health

Scilight 2019, 230003 (2019)

Monte Carlo calculations based on empirical and ab initio methods show that acoustic phonons, not optical phonons as assumed, receive the majority of energy transferred from hot electrons in silicon.

Scilight 2019, 230004 (2019)

A new stable state in group-V binary compounds has been predicted to have super piezoelectric properties with piezoelectric coefficients one order of magnitude higher than other common materials.

Scilight 2019, 230005 (2019)

The authors hope their perspective article about 3D-FEBID will inspire researchers to utilize this technique for its unique advantages and unexplored potential in future research and development.

Scilight 2019, 230006 (2019)

Machine learning models improve design process for new single-molecule magnets by predicting their isothermal magnetic entropy change.

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