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Scilight 2019, 130001 (2019)

The combination of a nano-patterned sapphire substrate and a graphene buffer allow researchers to grow higher quality AlN films for higher quality AlGaN-based deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes.

Scilight 2019, 130002 (2019)

Transparent superconductor-semiconductor Josephson junction forms a three-terminal device that can be tuned via gate voltages.

Scilight 2019, 130003 (2019)

A new article reports on an aeroelastic energy harvester inspired by trembling aspen leaves, which are known to quiver in the presence of the slightest breeze.

Scilight 2019, 130004 (2019)

New paper describes the physics behind how micro-particles move within a colloid.

Scilight 2019, 130005 (2019)

New modeling framework allows rapid comparison of designs for micro- and nano-structured stamps used to mechanically transfer patterns onto devices.

Scilight 2019, 130006 (2019)

Researchers combined optical experiments with density functional theory to define the off-center model that explain the differences in copper iodide crystal photoluminescence and absorption.

Scilight 2019, 130007 (2019)

Scientists demonstrated highly efficient transmissive dielectric metasurfaces capable of forming a spatially continuous phase profile for complex wavefront engineering, enabling new classes of ultra-thin, high-performance optical components.

Scilight 2019, 130008 (2019)

Using a transfer printing method, researchers developed a CMOS-friendly silicon photonic chip that could pave the way for large-scale quantum technology.

Scilight 2019, 130009 (2019)

According to review, we can now grow tissues analogous to heart muscle in utero using stem cells. The next step is to mimic the conditions that cause tissues to mature as they would in full adults.

Scilight 2019, 130010 (2019)

New paper introduces a novel approach to maximize thermal conductance across gold-gold atomic contacts.

Scilight 2019, 130011 (2019)

Engineered monitors measure the effects of climate change noninvasively — taking shape to fish, skin, and the environment.

Scilight 2019, 130012 (2019)

Using a quantitative model analysis, a new article looks at three core elements affecting a nation’s energy transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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