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Scilight 2018, 080001 (2018)

Geometrical considerations of profile shape and orientation, in a combined theoretical and experimental study, optimize the efficient capture of specific cells that come into contact with wires, placed in the bloodstream in vivo.

Scilight 2018, 080002 (2018)

Scientists find that the strength of external force controls the structural and transport behavior of star polymers during sedimentation.

Scilight 2018, 080003 (2018)

Electroabsorption studies show an excitonic signature based on bound electron-hole pairs.

Scilight 2018, 080004 (2018)

Researchers model how different types of coastline affect offshore mixing, the results of which help inform coastal facility planning.

Scilight 2018, 080005 (2018)

Studies of the effects of high pressure and shear on otherwise inert sucrose show “mechanochemistry” at work.

Scilight 2018, 080006 (2018)

Gas-phase iodide-thymine clusters exhibit similar fragmentation properties to uracil, one of RNA’s four bases, but iodide-cytosine clusters behave differently over the complex’s photodetachment energy.

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