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Scilight 2018, 520001 (2018)

Screening for the influence of size, density and alignment of ECM fibrils in fibrous tissues shows that highly aligned adhesions are correlated with rapid migration.

Scilight 2018, 520002 (2018)

A laser pulse and its second harmonic frequency produce significantly higher terahertz energy.

Scilight 2018, 520003 (2018)

An organic thin-film transistor, OTFT, in combination with gelatin, is used in a new high-sensitivity gas sensor for atmospheric pollutants.

Scilight 2018, 520004 (2018)

Molecular dynamics simulations based on density functional theory have yielded new findings in the search for a better catalyst for water-splitting oxygen evolution reactions.

Scilight 2018, 520005 (2018)

Researchers report nucleation rates and trends in nucleation cluster size of extremely supersaturated water vapor.

Scilight 2018, 520006 (2018)

Advanced treatment of a reduced order model is shown to agree well with numerical results in a complex mixed-mode resonator array.

Scilight 2018, 520007 (2018)

Measuring magnetotransport properties of InAs heterostructure reveals characteristics compatible with superconducting quantum computing.

Scilight 2018, 520008 (2018)

A new review covers the current challenges, future prospects and key highlights of Janus nanostructures for heterogeneous photocatalysis.

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