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Scilight 2018, 460001 (2018)

A new industrially relevant material, incorporating a nonmagnetic metal with an antiferromagnetic alloy, has been tested for spintronic capabilities.

Scilight 2018, 460002 (2018)

Bismuth ferrite thin films can be tuned using substrate strain to produce an on/off current ratio large enough for application to ultrahigh density memory.

Scilight 2018, 460003 (2018)

Organic-inorganic perovskitelike hybrids open new possibilities for magnetic thin films.

Scilight 2018, 460004 (2018)

A numerical simulation of energy in rotational turbulence finds a significant difference between forced and decaying systems.

Scilight 2018, 460005 (2018)

Asymmetric hysteresis in vanadium dioxide insulator-to-metal transition is a function of ellipsoidal inclusions whose shape is temperature dependent.

Scilight 2018, 460006 (2018)

Perspectives on the challenges and promises of functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a noninvasive and portable neuroimaging tool for brain studies.

Scilight 2018, 460007 (2018)

Creating ruthenium/aluminum multilayers with hafnium, nickel and platinum demonstrates the importance of stacking sequence for developing ternary materials that keep generating heat after ignition.

Scilight 2018, 460008 (2018)

The injection of electron spins into graphene is improved by 50 percent over previous works using a trilayer hexagonal boron nitride buffer as a tunneling layer between the graphene and cobalt alloy contacts.

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