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Scilight 2018, 380001 (2018)

Using electromagnetic flux-compression helps generate the largest indoor magnetic field on record. This may have implications for the development of sustained nuclear fusion technology.

Scilight 2018, 380002 (2018)

Composition and thermogravimetric analysis help discover wide variety in acai berry waste, leading to recommendations for how to better use the plant for fuel.

Scilight 2018, 380003 (2018)

Studies of the physical nature of vortex flow asymmetries around supersonic aircraft wings inform new suggestions for controlling flow, thereby improving plane aerodynamic characteristics.

Scilight 2018, 380004 (2018)

The only I-Mn-V semiconductor material to display such extreme magnetoresistance, NaMnBi may be suitable for practical room-temperature spintronics microelectronics.

Scilight 2018, 380005 (2018)

A porous metamaterial lens achieves subwavelength resolution without anomalous dips in transmission.

Scilight 2018, 380006 (2018)

Complex three-dimensional flow patterns are observed in a cavity with a flexible wall subject to rotational oscillations. The flow is visualized using laser light and tiny light scattering particles.

Scilight 2018, 380007 (2018)

A computational framework could offer higher quality oxides for electronic components through a better understanding of different underlying defect behaviors of materials typically treated as similar.

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