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Scilight 2018, 240001 (2018)

By selectively destroying interfaces between small droplets, researchers observe the formation of new network arrangements that match predictions.

Scilight 2018, 240002 (2018)

A novel use of neural nets assists in the development of a mathematical relationship between the structural and diffraction properties of metagratings.

Scilight 2018, 240003 (2018)

Fine-tuning the temporal profile of a high-intensity laser pulse doubles the energy in secondary radiation from a clustered gas.

Scilight 2018, 240004 (2018)

Two single-electron spin qubits based on single and double donor quantum dots controllably produce singlet and triplet states transitions in the combined system of two electron spins. The lifetimes were measured using single spin readout.

Scilight 2018, 240005 (2018)

An improvement on conventional organic upconversion devices demonstrates improved efficiency for converting near-infrared light to visible, and may be a promising future for low-cost, large-area imaging technology.

Scilight 2018, 240006 (2018)

Out-of-plane polarization in a layered, manganese organic-inorganic hybrid explains an underlying mechanism that can induce ferroelectricity and enable their use in new application areas.

Scilight 2018, 240007 (2018)

Water molecule networks formed a clathrate hydrate stabilized by intertwined ammonia molecules that crystallized at remarkably lower pressures and more rapidly than in more conventional techniques.

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