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Scilight 2017, 090001 (2017)

New research demonstrates electrostatics and induction are decisive in capturing water solubility in alkanes.

Scilight 2017, 090002 (2017)

A group of Chinese engineering researchers combine chaos theory and dimensionless analysis to explain the lead-up and abrupt onset of turbulence.

Scilight 2017, 090003 (2017)

Chinese scientists for the first time realize giant actuation strain of nearly 0.6% via reversible domain switching—about four times larger than that of conventional PZT actuators.

Scilight 2017, 090004 (2017)

Physicists at Clemson University characterize the properties of multicharged ions from an electron beam ion source, with implications for nanoprocessing and nanofabrication.

Scilight 2017, 090005 (2017)

Carnegie Mellon researchers correct a 3d continuum elasticity Hamiltonian using a novel tilt-curvature coupling to more accurately describe lipid membrane elasticity.

Scilight 2017, 090006 (2017)

Researchers at Grenoble Institute of Technology demonstrate flexible P-N junction transformation in virtual, semi-virtual and PIN diodes, I-MOS, tunneling FET, and band-modulation Z2-FET.

Scilight 2017, 090007 (2017)

An Oxford-Stuttgart-Berlin team examines the properties of thermoelectric nanowires grown using alternative method.

Scilight 2017, 090008 (2017)

Squid and other cephalopods use reflectin proteins within their skin as a molecular machine to manipulate body coloration.

Scilight 2017, 090009 (2017)

Researchers use cutting-edge algorithm to uncover the physical origin of entropy and its effect for photonic random number generators.

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