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Scilight 2017, 070001 (2017)

Through direct numerical simulation, supercomputer aids dissipation elements analysis to bridge the gap between chemistry and turbulence.

Scilight 2017, 070002 (2017)

New research challenges proposed synergy model invoking ion hammering with transient melting.

Scilight 2017, 070003 (2017)

Using finite element method (FEM) and optical tweezers, researchers investigate mechanical changes in erythrocytes in different environments.

Scilight 2017, 070004 (2017)

Researchers show how high-order moments of kinetic equations allow simulations of critical reconnection events in the magnetosphere.

Scilight 2017, 070005 (2017)

Yale and Princeton University researchers expound the current state of research on the thermodynamic and kinetic tendencies of surface freezing.

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