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Scilight 2017, 260001 (2017)

Applying demagnetization cooling in a new way to Coulomb blockade thermometers reduces heat leaks and achieves a record cooling temperature.

Scilight 2017, 260002 (2017)

A computational model demonstrates sound cloaking and super-tunneling capabilities of a system built out of metamaterial balls.

Scilight 2017, 260003 (2017)

Exploiting resonances via electrostatic actuations can be an alternative method for characterization of graphene membranes to atomic force microscopy.

Scilight 2017, 260004 (2017)

Researchers develop a thermoreflectance microscopy technique to quickly measure Joule heating in THz emitters.

Scilight 2017, 260005 (2017)

First principle calculations assess and optimize the physical and optoelectronic properties of a 2-D metal organic network.

Scilight 2017, 260006 (2017)

Numerical simulations of statistical behavior relative to walls help better describe the kurtotic behavior of fluids as they interact with the surfaces they flow near.

Scilight 2017, 260007 (2017)

A computational bridge between continuous and discrete descriptions at varying length scales improves efficiency of multicomponent hydrodynamic modeling at both macroscopic and molecular domains.

Scilight 2017, 260008 (2017)

Raman spectroscopy using ultraviolet light reveals spin-phonon coupling properties of NiO for the first time, and the different effects for transverse and longitudinal optical phonons.

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