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Scilight 2017, 210001 (2017)

Researchers employ superconducting circuit-based technology to achieve state-of-the-art sensitivity level.

Scilight 2017, 210002 (2017)

New microfluidic measurement approximates the strength of the TCR-pMHC receptor-ligand interaction by measuring the reduction in T-cell speed when flowing past immobilized pMHC.

Scilight 2017, 210003 (2017)

Observing an amplified picosecond pulse, plasma physicists determine the spatial pattern of polarization changes to understand the scattering of intense laser beams in plasma photonics applications.

Scilight 2017, 210004 (2017)

A method for growing pure noble gas crystals in an apparatus with high-sensitivity electron detection demonstrates a new approach to low-threshold particle detection with axions in mind.

Scilight 2017, 210005 (2017)

A new nanosensor based on graphene field-effect transistors boasts the ability to detect a target HIV drug comparable to liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in a fraction of the time and cost.

Scilight 2017, 210006 (2017)

Better control of aerosolized droplets demonstrated with a new method using capillary confinement.

Scilight 2017, 210007 (2017)

Room-temperature measurements of the white shot noise of a spin torque oscillator at microwave frequencies offer a way to accurately characterize spintronic devices.

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