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Scilight 2023, 391101 (2023)

The compressive study details a pathway for developing artificial spiking neurons out of new materials.

Scilight 2023, 391102 (2023)

Measurements of thermal diffusivity can increase speed, efficiency, and reliability of electronic field assisted sintering techniques.

Scilight 2023, 391103 (2023)

Experimenting with outbreak scenarios and strategies through simulations can aid public health responses.

Scilight 2023, 391104 (2023)

Advanced implantable sensors offer preemptive disease-fighting capabilities, if they can overcome challenges around engineering, regulation, patients, and clinicians.

Scilight 2023, 391105 (2023)

Textiles woven into a thin photonic crystal block heat from escaping the body as radiation.

Scilight 2023, 391106 (2023)

Technological and material advancements improve contact performance and future contacts could deliver medication or detect vital health indicators.

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