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Scilight 2024, 241101 (2024)

Quantifying artistic properties with scaling analysis demands grid independence and careful analysis.

Scilight 2024, 241102 (2024)

Computational fluid dynamics simulation helps uncover the differences between healthy bile and bile found in patients with choledochal cysts.

Scilight 2024, 241103 (2024)

Open-source, comprehensive suite of analysis tools provides standardized data and analytics, increases potential for collaboration.

Scilight 2024, 241104 (2024)

With a microfluidic chip fitted with sliding elements, SIMPA enables parallel measurements of mechanical properties of cells, vesicles, and tissue.

Scilight 2024, 241105 (2024)

Electrical stimulation can artificially recreate visual stimuli, but developing the signals requires a mechanism to monitor them.

Scilight 2024, 241106 (2024)

With rapidly improving properties, graphene fibers are becoming indispensable materials in a range of fields like the aerospace industry and biomedicine.

Scilight 2024, 241107 (2024)

Ptychography can capture signals from light elements in a dose-effective manner in 3D, providing a more complete understanding of upconverting core-shell nanoparticles than conventional methods.

Scilight 2024, 241108 (2024)

Magnetic fields can be optimized to enhance the yield of extreme ultraviolet radiation from laser-driven plasmas.

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